Liepaja newsletter No. 4

Liepaja newsletter No. 4

Topic of the issue

This winter already Liepaja will become even more independent from Russian natural gas resources and its price fluctuations. Owing to the new biomass boiler house of „Liepājas enerģija” the proportion of the green energy will be increased by another 40%.


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Current event

115 years ago a cardboard article plant was established in Liepaja, where cardboard boxes, adhesive tapes and different paper products were produced for almost a hundred years. Later the company was transformed into „Liepājas papīra izstrādājumu fabrika” (Liepaja paper-mill), but in 1993 the holding company „Liepājas papīrs” (Liepaja paper) was formed on the basis of it. The company is producing multicoloured self-adhesive labels, thermo-shrink film labels and tickets, and is one of the leading companies in printing industry of such profile in the Baltic states.
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