Liepaja newsletter No. 3

Liepaja newsletter No. 3

Subject of the number

As of today, lakes, rivers, seas and oceans of the planet are so polluted that the search for ecologically sound fish therein is futile. But, nevertheless, there is ecological fish in Liepāja! Trout, sturgeon, salmon and African catfish
are going to be bred in fifty breeding pools of the new fish hatchery by “Kolumbija Ltd”.


THE BRANCH: Ecologically sound fish from Liepāja. page 2
THE ENTERPRISE: “Cotton Club” arrives in Latvia. page 3
LITHUANIA: In the dale of the singing rocks. page 4

Current event

Life returns once again to the empty workshops of “Lauma Fabric” in Liepāja. This summer these industrial premises with a floor space of over 7000 square meters will house a new factory, “Cotton Club Liepaja”, which is going to manufacture a variety of textile hygiene products and wet wipes. The enterprise has been founded by one of Russia’s largest cosmetics manufacturers, the “Cotton Club”, a leader in the industry of cotton and hygiene products.
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