Liepaja newsletter No. 2

Liepājas ziņu lapa Nr.2

Subject of the number

Already next year regular national and international flights will be restored from Liepaja Airport and Liepaja, perhaps, will be able to apply for the status of alternate airdrome of Riga Airport. What kind of aircrafts Liepaja Airport will be able to take after the reconstruction and what other news can be expected


AREA: Airport for development of Liepaja. page 2
COMPANY: Documents for Italy are processed in Liepaja. page 3
LITHUANIA: Temptation of Palanga and Botanical park. page 4

Current event

Liepaja Company SIA Baltik IT processes documents for Italian companies and people already for five years. Business of SIA Baltiv IT is data processing and input services for large energy supply companies. Founders of the company are Italian businessmen who own several associated companies in Italy. They don’t hide that they have chosen Liepaja due to good infrastructure of the city, calm social environment and good level of education of the employees.
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